Mission Statements

The mission of the WCSEIT is to serve the community by fostering the advancement of the researches and related applications of system engineering and information technology by nurturing new perspectives, interests, and ideas providing opportunities for the discussions promoting forums for networking and collaboration.


WCSEIT seeks:

  1. to encourage regional and international communication and collaboration;
  2. promote professional interaction and lifelong learning;
  3. recognize outstanding contributions of individuals and organizations;
  4. encourage scholar researchers to pursue studies and careers in systems engineering and information technology.
  5. welcomes research that highlights successful modern applications of systems engineering and information technology, such as Agriculture, Biomedicine, Bioinformatics, Business, Chemical, Environment, Education, E-Learning, Geography, Mathematics and Physics.


WCSEIT with the aim of achieving these milestones between activities also prepares, promotes, organizes, implements and carries out technical and academic learning international travel to some countries by organizing visits and meetings programs.

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